Long Term Care

Our Five Star rated Long Term Care facility takes pride in providing safe and compassionate residential care for those who can no longer live independently and who require a higher level of intervention to meet their physical, medical, personal and social needs. Some residents requiring skilled services may have a shorter length of stay in order to regain functional abilities to return to their home.

Care is provided by professional and licensed nursing staff along with certified nursing assistants, and physical, speech, and occupational therapists. Residents also enjoy a full spectrum of activities on and off site as they wish to participate.

Resident care is individualized based upon complete assessment of each persons needs, abilities and preferences.

Covering Costs

Costs of Long Term Care requiring skilled services (physical therapy, skilled nursing, etc.) can be covered by Medicare for a limited period when certain criteria have been met.  When care becomes "custodial" or when maximum number of Medicare covered days have been reached, other payment sources must be utilized.  Medicaid can cover Long Term Care costs when eligibility requirements are met.  Private Pay or Long Term Care insurance are other alternatives.

Our Patient Services Advocate is available to assist residents and families in this regard.  You may contact them by calling (406) 826-4863.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about availability or would like additional information about our services, please contact us.

Long Term Care Manager
Phone: (406) 826-4976

Long Term Care Nursing Station
Phone: (406) 826-4834