Digital Imaging Services (X-Ray)

Imaging Services are provided to patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Digital Imaging Services

CT Scanning
DXA Scanning (Bone Density)
MRI Scanning

DEA Scanning Services require a doctor's order so talk with your primary care provider today to see if a Bone Density test is right for you.

 Digital Mammogram

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A New Ally in the Fight Against Breast Cancer (page 1)
What is Full Field Digital Mammography (page 1)
The Benefits of Digital Mammography (page 2)

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Early Detection

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What is a Mammogram? (page 1)
Are there different kinds of mammograms? (page 1)
Who should have a mammogram? (page 1)
What are the risk factors for breast cancer? (page 1)
How should I prepare for a mammogram? (page 1)
How is mammography performed? (page 2)
Is a mammogram painful? (page 2)
Early Detection is the Key (page 3)

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Scheduling a Mammogram

To ensure complete and thorough care, Clark Fork Valley Hospital recommends seeing a primary care provider prior to getting your annual mammogram screening so that a complete breast exam can be completed in addition to your mammogram.  

If you do not have a primary care provider, please visit our Family Medicine Network page to find a provider in your area.