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Timothy J. Johnston, CRNA

  • Anesthesiology Surgical


I’ve worked in hospitals from San Francisco to Boston and several in-between. In my experience, many patients wait three to six months to have their procedures scheduled and rarely see a familiar face on the day of their surgery. Surgical patients at CFVH are scheduled quickly, if not same day, and are often attended to by friends and neighbors. This provides convenience and an additional element of trust to the genuine and personalized care they receive here. Facing a surgical procedure is stressful for most patients. It’s gratifying to me to alleviate those fears and a privilege when patients rely on me to care for them.

I help contribute to quality care through vigilance. There are so many variables and decisions to be made in anesthesia. Our primary focus is patient safety and this leads to the best care possible.

My role within the facility allows me to work in cooperation with many departments and medical staff. Anesthesia and the OR team work closely with supporting departments like Imaging and Cardiopulmonary Services. In addition, the talent of our medical staff is an important component of surgical readiness as they optimize patients for surgery. Our medical providers ensure that the patient’s blood pressure is under control and respiratory ailments are properly treated. This results in a safe and balanced delivery of anesthesia.

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