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Shelby Zenahlik, BSN, RN
Care Coordinator

  • Care Coordination, Specialty Care
  • Offers virtual visits
  • 406-826-4836


Shelby Zenahlik, BSN, RN, has been with CFVH since 2014 and began offering Care Coordination Services in 2016 when the program was first developed. She has been in the nursing field for many years and worked in a variety of settings including the ER and ICU.

As a Care Coordinator, Zenahlik helps patients and their families navigate the complex world of healthcare. She is passionate about the work she does because it helps prevent hospitalizations and she gets to follow her patients throughout their healthcare journey. It can oftentimes be confusing when patients are working with numerous providers and specialists due to multiple chronic conditions. That's where she can assist patients and families. She works as the intermediary for each of those providers and healthcare offices so the patient gets exactly what they need and nothing falls through the cracks.

Zenahlik has three adult children and two precious grandsons who she is very proud of. She is also a dog mom to three adorable fur babies.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination through Chronic Care Management keeps the focus on you and what is best for reaching your care plan goals mutually developed by you, your provider and others involved in your care.

Care Coordination has been proven to improve patient health, reduce costly ER visits and prevent hospitalizations.

Need additional support and don't know where to turn? Your Care Coordinator will work with you to ensure you get the resources and follow-up care you need and deserve.

Care Coordination at CFVH is offered on a provider referral basis. Talk with your provider to see if Care Coordination would be a good fit for you.

If you have questions and would like to reach our to Shelby Zenahlik directly, please call 406-826-4836.

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