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Telehealth Virtual Visits

Our providers are available to consult with you virtually through video conferencing technology

We’re making it easy and safe to talk to your primary or specialty healthcare provider from your home using Zoom technology on your smart phone, tablet, or computer.

A telehealth visit allows you and your provider to connect via your electronic device without going to the clinic for an appointment. During your consultation, your provider can discuss your health concerns, work on a care plan and, if needed, provide a prescription while you remain safe in your home.

The billing process is the same as a regular face-to-face office visit. These visits generate a charge that will be billed to the patient or sent to the patient’s insurance company, Medicare, and/or Medicaid.

Requesting a Telehealth Visit

To determine if you are a good candidate for these services you need to be physically in the state of Montana at the time of your visit and have access to the following:

  • A stable internet connection
    • Internet/Wi-Fi or adequate cellular plan for streaming
  • Electronic device with camera and microphone/speakers
    • Mobile device (Must have a built-in camera: you can either use the built-in microphone and speakers, or plug in your earbuds or headphones)
    • Desktop computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) (Must have a built-in camera and microphone/speakers or an external camera plugin and headphones)
  • Active MyChart Account
    • To sign up for MyChart, Click Here
    • Open your MyChart account and verify you can open it without difficulty.

If you have met all the criteria, call the Family Medicine Network Office where you currently see your health care provider or want to schedule your telehealth appointment and request a telehealth visit.

Once a date and time is confirmed, you will receive a message in MyChart with instructions for starting your video visit via zoom.

before your visit

You will need to download the Zoom app. For more information about the product, Click Here to access Zoom’s website.

Download Software App for Zoom:

Using Computer or Laptop: Zoom Client for Meetings
Using a mobile device: iPhone or Android

  • Click the “Get”, “Install”, “Run” button to download
  • When the download is complete, click the “Open” button to open Zoom
  • At the bottom of the page, click “Sign Up” to set up your Zoom account
  • When you set up your Zoom account, you’ll need to allow access to the camera and microphone on your device. (you’ll see these options when you open your first Zoom meeting.)
  • Open your Zoom app to make sure your microphone and video options are on and working
    • Pro tip: We suggest you test the functionality of this technology before your visit. CLICK HERE to join a test meeting with zoom and test your video and audio.

the day of your visit

A nurse will contact you prior to your appointment to prepare for your visit with the provider. This will include screening questions, reason for visit, allergy, and medication review. They will also ask you to take your vital signs if you have equipment at home to do so, but not required. This would include blood pressure and temperature.

At time of Visit

Login to your MyChart Account

Instructions for Computer

  • Login to your MyChart account via the web
  • Select “Visits” then click “Appointment and Visits
  • Find your future virtual visit appointment, hover until it is highlighted and click
  • Locate the “Begin Video Button”
  • At your appointment time, click on the Begin Video Visit button to start your appointment.
  • After Zoom is opened, you will be taken into a ‘virtual waiting room’. There is nothing that you need to click on this screen. Your provider will join you shortly.
  • Once provider joins, you may be prompted to allow access to your microphone and camera. If prompted, “join with computer audio”

Instructions for Mobile Device

  • Login to MyChart App
  • Tap on “Appointments”
  • Locate and tap your future Video Visit
  • Look for Begin Video Visit
  • At your appointment time, tab on the Begin Video Visit
  • After Zoom has opened, you will be taken into a ‘virtual waiting room.’ There is nothing to tab on this screen. Your provider will join you shortly.
  • Once provider joins, you will need to join with video on and will be prompted to either join audio by “Call using Internet Audio” (Apple Devices) or “Call Via Device Audio” (Android Devices). You need to have both video and audio on.

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