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Vaccines a College Student Needs

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Graduation is right around the corner! Soon everyone will be off enjoying the summer before heading off to college!

There are a few important things to remember before your graduate heads off to college. Your student will soon become a part of a new community, which includes exposure to vaccine preventable diseases. On campuses preventable diseases like influenza are known to spread quickly through constant exposure in close quarters like dorms, classrooms, shared restrooms, and at highly populated social activities like sporting events.

Vaccines offer safe and effective protection for the individual student, all students, academic professionals and others your student will interact with every day.

Check and make sure they are current on the recommended vaccines that will keep them healthy and in the classroom.

Meningococcal Meningitis – The Basics

Meningitis is caused by bacteria that can infect the areas around the brain, spinal cord or the bloodstream. Symptoms include stiff neck, headache, and high fever.

NOTICE THE SIMILARITY TO FLU SYMPTOMS? While it’s rare, infection can lead to brain damage, lasting disability, disfigurement, and it can be fatal within hours.

About one in ten people who get meningitis will die from it even if treated. College students are at higher risk of meningococcal disease because of close living quarters, coughing, kissing, etc. DO NOT share items that have touched someone else’s mouth, such as cups, eating utensils, bottles, and lip balm.

Meningococcal Disease Strain B – Don’t Assume!

Meningococcal disease strain B, commonly referred to as MenB, is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis on college campuses. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend being vaccinated against Meningitis B.

Make sure your college student is fully protected before entering their new life journey!


For more information, please contact Sondra Howland,-Paul RN-BC, CFVH Infection Preventionist - (406) 826-4949.


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