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Ultrasound Technology Upgrade Allows CFVH to Better Care For Patients

Thursday, January 12, 2023

As healthcare providers, we are always being challenged to provide higher quality of care for our patients. The goal is a quick and accurate diagnosis the first time an in less time. Premium ultrasound capability is one of the ways we can do this at Clark Fork Valley Hospital (CFVH) and the primary reason we recently upgraded to a Philips EPIQ Ultrasound Machine in our Diagnostic Imaging Department.

This premium ultrasound technology provides improved clinical information from each scan and faster and more consistent exams that are easier to perform and allow for a high level of confidence, even for technically difficult patients.

Rachel Fairbank, Ultrasound Technologist at CFVH shared that, “while the patient doesn’t necessarily see a difference in their exam, what we can do after the scans are complete is most impressive.” The new technology allows for advanced image optimization and processing.

Elevated tissue definition and clarity, reduction of artifacts with excellent delineation of structural anatomy, real-time precision filters and so many other features help to enhance overall image assessment and diagnostic confidence.

“The quality of the ultrasound exams we can do now is next level. If we can be more efficient and see more the first time, it directly impacts outcomes for our patients,” explained Fairbank.

With the new machine, CFVH now has utilization of two new transducers. One can assist in thyroid biopsies with a smaller footprint and the other allows for 3D visualization.

Fairbank shared, “It’s an exciting time when expecting parents get to take home those first ultrasound pictures of their babies and now we can offer them something even more realistic with 3D imaging. 3D imaging also allows us to better view fetal anatomy and gather critical information during the first and second trimesters.”

“Reaching clinical decisions quickly is important and we never want to compromise quality when it comes to our patients. This upgrade for our department was a win-win. Not only does it allow us to do our job more efficiently, but our patients will reap the benefits,” added Steve Flerchinger, R.T., CFVH Diagnostic Imaging Manager.

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