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Relief in Much Needed Physical Therapy

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Patient Testimonial

After 30+ years of suffering from osteoarthritis in my back, I was referred to physical therapy by my primary care provider, Jennifer Strine, PA-C. I had received therapy for my lower back previously but most recently I went in due to mid and upper back issues that involved my degenerative spine. When I first saw Erik Digby, PT for therapy I was at a pain level of an 8 or 9. Getting through the day was difficult and the pain was unbearable. By the time my eight weeks of therapy were complete, that number had reduced to a 4 and my range of motion in my neck had dramatically improved. Erik was wonderful. He was personable and really got to know me during my appointments. Watching him in action was truly something special…it was obvious how much he had a passion for his work, cared for his patients and respected his coworkers. This really resonated with me and made me even more thankful to have him as my therapist. He was very intentional about explaining the benefits of the exercises I was doing and how to do them correctly so I could continue doing them at home on my own. I was especially grateful for this as I continue to do many of those same exercises today to alleviate any pressure or pain when it arises. All of my encounters with Thompson Falls clinic staff from providers to nurses to patient services representatives were very pleasant and I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for the relief I was able to gain from my therapy.

- Georgetta Brumbaugh, Trout Creek Resident

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