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To Our Community...from CFVH and Family Medicine Network Providers

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

To our community,

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has stayed home these 4 long weeks. Governor Bullock’s shelter-in-place order has been difficult for everyone, we understand how much stress this has caused and how eager people are to return to normal life. People are not working, they are losing income, and are missing out on community. We are all missing our personal, social, church, and community activities. Our kids are missing school and sports too. We wish this could be over soon, but it won’t be.

Please know that everyone’s willingness to stay home has bought us time to get ready. Clark Fork Valley Hospital and Family Medicine Network is now much better prepared to respond to an eventual Coronavirus outbreak in Sanders County. We’ve built a temporary respiratory clinic to physically separate people who are sick from those need care for chronic medical conditions or other illnesses. Our coronavirus testing is more streamlined. We’ve improved our Personal Protective Equipment supply. We’ve built robust plans to manage coronavirus cases when they appear and are now more prepared than before the shelter-in-place order.

As providers at Clark Fork Valley Hospital and Family Medicine Network we take the threat posed by the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously. In our opinion the threat remains very real, and we urge everyone to remain vigilant. Montana has done well to slow the spread of the disease by flattening the curve, and by many measures, we have had one of the best responses in the nation. Perhaps our geography, rugged individualism, and commitment to personal responsibility and community means that our social isolation has been more effective – we have all made personal sacrifices to keep everyone safer.

But please know the coronavirus is far from eradicated.

If this was a basketball game, we are half-way through the first quarter, and up by 2 points. We are playing an opponent with a very potent offense. Covid-19 is quick, aggressive, and dangerous. We took a time-out (the shelter-in-place order) to adapt our plan and we’re ready to restart the clock. We know how to beat this opponent – play relentless defense, don’t let up, and stay focused. It’s going to be a long battle, but if we work together and look out for each other, we know we will win.

Again, we want to say thank you for your sacrifices. We ask our community to continue to be mindful:
Wash your hands regularly and don’t touch your face
Wear a mask if in public
Continue to avoid crowds, stay home if you can – social distancing will help slow the spread
Stay home if you’re sick – call us if you need care

Be safe,

Dr. Ronald Black
Dr. Robert Blease
Dave Boharski, CRNA
David Costner, APRN
Dr. Donald Damschen
Dr. Greg Hanson
Tim Johnston, CRNA
Nick Lawyer, PA-C
Ben Lindeman, PA-C
Randy Mack, PA-C
Matt Madden, APRN
Dr. Eric Nevatt
Karyn Thornton, PA-C
Jennifer Strine, PA-C
Dr. Jessica Valentine
Pam Vecchio, APRN
Dr. Drue Webb
Dr. Jean Williams, PhD

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