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Physicians join CFVH team in Plains, T. Falls

Hospital news | Thursday, July 12, 2018

By Shana Neesvig, Sander County Ledger

Two doctors are joining the Clark Fork Valley Hospital (CFVH) physician team. Both will be board certified and licensed to practice in Montana when they begin working for CFVH, according to Tonya Revier, Marketing and Community Relations Coordinator for the hospital.

Dr. Erik Nevatt will be a Family Practice Provider at Thompson Falls Family Medicine and Dr. Webb will be a Family Practice Provider and offer obstetrics services at Plains Family Medicine.

Nevatt has medicine in his blood. He was raised by a nurse and family physician, who he claims were trying to direct him into another line of work, even though he had always envisioned himself as a doctor.

While working for eight years in construction, Nevatt commented that what made him solidify his decision to become a medical doctor was that he "heard repeated complaints about the medical community's interaction with patients, and how doctors were not talking, examining nor listening to their patients."

"I want to be the doctor that people feel they can talk to and trust," he stated.

Nevatt studied medicine at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, California and has performed his residency in Billings, Montana at Montana Family Medicine. He grew up in California, and stated that he was looking for a place that reminded him of the small town he grew up in. "Montana fit the bill perfectly," he shared as being the reason he looked here for work.

Broad spectrum family medicine care, dermatology, wound care, pediatrics and emergency medicine are areas Nevatt is most interested in. He feels that the CFVH team, support and location are attributes that made the facility appealing to him as he enjoys fly fishing, hiking, boating, woodworking, wakeboarding and snowboarding, and has a desire to learn how to hunt.

Nevatt said he is looking forward to meeting new patients and educating them about their conditions and watching them implement that information to improve their health. He's also looking forward to settling into the community with his wife of 13 years and their 3-year old blue heeler.

Webb attended medical school at Michigan State University. During her time there, she was accepted into the rural training program, where she gained an appreciation of working as a rural family physician. She has just completed her residency in Ogden, Utah at the McKay-Dee Family Medicine Residency, where she specialized in full spectrum family medicine, but also received training in hospice care.

"I enjoy all aspects of family medicine," Webb commented. But she holds a special place for women's health and obstetrics. "It provides an opportunity to be a part of something very special."

Webb is looking forward to becoming an important part in the lives of her patients and building a trusting relationship. "I love the relationships we are able to have as medical providers," she stated, recognizing that these can sometimes span generations.

CFVH was attractive to Webb because of the people working there. "Everyone is so kind and welcoming and truly interested in providing quality care to their patients," she commented. She added that being able to practice both full spectrum medicine (outpatient, procedures, hospital, emergency room) and obstetrics was a double bonus.

After spending her high school days working with an obstetrician, who insisted Webb become a doctor, she began a path in scientific research. She entered her PhD program in virology but realized at that moment she missed human interaction by being stuck in a laboratory all the time.

She then began working for an Israeli-based pharmaceutical company working toward receiving approval of a cell-based cancer therapy. The love she found while working with these patients made her realize that she really wanted human interaction. It was this that drove her to become a physician.

Webb has completed that task and is looking forward to meeting her new patients and becoming a part of the local community. Her admiration for hiking, running, camping, backpacking, skiing and snowshoeing will fit in well here. She looks forward to learning how to kayak and rock climb.

Parker, her 9-year-old dog, has kept her company throughout her medical training and will be joining her in Plains, Montana. Her other family members live in California, Nevada and New Mexico.

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