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ED Staff Hones Trauma Skills in SIMS-MT Training

Monday, October 10, 2022

On Friday, September 30th, the Simulation in Motion Montana (SIM-MT) training team was onsite and hosted two sessions for emergency department (ED) staff.

The company is based out of Helena and there are 3 training teams that train across the state. The two instructors that were onsite at CFVH were from the SIM-MT High Line Team and came from Havre, MT for the day.

"The simulation training is an unique opportunity for our team to practice stressful situations that may present in the ED in a safe, risk-free learning environment," shared Sondra Howland-Paul, RN, who helped coordinate the training.

According to SIM-MT, simulation training can:

  • Reduce preventable medical errors.
  • Improve patient outcomes.
  • Increase healthcare team performance
  • Prepare teams for high consequence care.
  • Improve teams communication dynamics and competencies.

The training program designed specifically for CFVH covered Pediatric Multisystem Trauma and STEMI (a type of heart attack that is more serious and has a greater risk of serious complications and death) with cardiac arrest. The 4 hour long training sessions were held in the SIM-MT mobile truck and 11 staff members were able to participate.

The two trainers provided education during the first half of the session and then were able to observe the participants by video in an observation area from the back of the mobile truck. They had the ability to adjust how the dummy patient was responding to treatment based on the actions staff were taking real time.

The training typically comes at a cost of $3,500.00 but SIMS has a number of partners across the state including MT DPHHS. We were able to get a grant through MT DPHHS that allowed us to bring the training to CFVH for free.

"The goal was to provide our team with high quality, evidence-based training to enhance team dynamics and decision making and ultimately save lives in our community," explained Howland-Paul.

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