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Covid-19 Update -4/3/20

Friday, April 3, 2020

April 3, 2020

Although we have continued with a great deal of preparation activity this week, we remain fortunate that we still do not have a diagnosed case of Covid-19 in our county. I believe our adherence to the tactics of washing hands, social distancing, shelter at home, and self-quarantine are making a difference. How great of a difference…only time will tell.

One of our peers at the hospital shared with us this week about how tragic this disease can be. One of the most striking points he shared was how lonely it can be for a patient and their loved ones once a diagnosis is made. Even our community efforts to mitigate the spread of the disease sets us up to suffer from feelings of isolation. As a community trying to support one another we need to not let this happen. Multiple tools are available for us to stay connected so let’s use them. Get creative with technology. I challenge you to reach out and have meaningful connection with others on a daily basis. Use whatever social structure you are a part of (clubs, churches, business associates, etc.) and make a concerted and organized effort to connect in some way. As our current restrictions will seem to drag on, our commitment to take care of our community and each other will become increasingly important. I believe we can rise to the occasion just as I have seen our Sanders County community do so many times during my 26 years of living here. We just need to make an effort that is more wide spread than we have ever imagined.

Clark Fork Valley Hospital has had a great deal of support during this time. We remain operational because we are considered an essential service but we have been faced with a number of challenges. Other essential services such as grocery stores, banks, gas stations, auto repair shops, pharmacies, newspapers, and hardware stores are also facing challenges as they work hard to meet your needs and keep their valued employees and customers safe. If you find they are not able to do so, it won’t be for a lack of trying. They too are suffering from supply chain problems and the challenges that social distancing brings. Be patient and thank them for all they are doing. It is not easy to maintain service to the communities they love at times like this. They support our communities in so many ways throughout the year, let’s make sure we try to boost the morale of the owners as they continue to be great neighbors.

Gregory S. Hanson, MD

Family Medicine Network

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