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Covid - 19 Update - 2/3/21

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

While we continue to screen, evaluate, and treat individuals for Covid-19, we are now immersed in delivering vaccinations to those that wish to receive it. To date we have administered 500+ vaccinations to individuals in phase 1a and 1b. Over 1500 individuals have responded to our survey, which has allowed us to effectively reach out to those eligible for 1b distribution. Please understand, we utilize national and state guidelines to create our scheduling lists and are not attempting to prioritize inside those designations any further than recommended. To do so would slow our ability to administer the vaccines as quickly as possible to the community.

Each week we request a certain number of vaccines consistent with what we believe we can administer in the coming week, knowing we may not receive any of our request as there is no guarantee. We have received 200 in each of our last shipments, and have developed processes to deliver those in a single day. We will work to increase that number as time moves on, but please understand that personnel is a limiting factor. Our commitment is to deliver as many vaccines as quickly as possible, and still maintain the care needed for non-covid medical issues. The State of Montana has estimated 4886 phase 1b individuals in Sanders County. It will take time to vaccinate everyone, even if the survey has captured the majority that want to receive it. We don’t know when phase 1c (essential workers), or phase 2 (general population) will have the opportunity to vaccinate so we thank you for your patience.

We have received questions from community members over the last few weeks that I would like to address. We have not seen any serious reactions after getting the vaccine. Some patients have reported mild flu-like symptoms. We continue to give these vaccines at the hospital so if a major reaction does occur, the emergency room is immediately available. We call you to schedule appointments for the vaccine. When you come for your vaccine you will check in like any visit to a clinical provider at Plains Family Medicine. You will be taken to a clinic exam room where two of our clinical support staff will work together throughout your visit. One will obtain your vital signs and ask some questions. The other will prepare and administer the vaccine. You will be given a card with the administration record filled in, and a date for your 2nd vaccine. You will then be shown to an observation area where you will be asked to remain for 15-30 minutes. The federal government has indicated that it will supply the vaccine at no cost to us but it will not cover the administration fee. CFVH has elected not to charge for the administration so there will be no charge to you.

We are grateful for the patience and kindness shown by those who have come through already to get their vaccine. This endeavor is taxing to us, as the scope is well outside of what we normally do. Most of the staff helping with the vaccine clinic are working overtime, and committing their personal and family time to the effort. They care about meeting our communities needs so they will do so without kudos, but I encourage you to share your gratitude when you can. I know it will not go unnoticed and it will make them feel appreciated.

Gregory S. Hanson, MD


Clark Fork Valley Hospital

CFVH Covid-19 Vaccination Interest Survey

The purpose of this survey is to accumulate a list of eligible Sanders County, Montana residents who are ready to get their Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available for Phase 1b and 1c distribution. We hope that by identifying those wanting to get the vaccine, it will help us secure the correct amount of dosages as well as streamline our scheduling process to alleviate the number of scheduling inquiries received by our Family Medicine Network offices. Click the button below to learn more and/or complete the survey.

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