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Covid-19 Update - 1/11/21

Monday, January 11, 2021

We have administered just over 200 Covid-19 vaccines and have completed the first dose of the Phase 1a vaccine distribution plan covering healthcare workers and Long Term Care residents. We had a few additional vaccines and we contacted each primary care provider, including Dr Lovell's office, for names of the highest risk individuals they care for, allowing us to assure we did not waste any vaccine. This aligned with getting it to the most vulnerable as soon as possible and was consistent with new guidelines put out by Governor Gianforte's office.

Below is general information pertaining to a Covid-19 Vaccination Interest Survey that will guide us as we order vaccine on a weekly basis over the coming months. The information is needed to obtain appropriate supplies for each phase of distribution we are in, and to develop a contact list for use when we start to schedule phase 1b, 1c, and phase 2 vaccine appointments. We are still waiting to hear from the state as to when we will start receiving 1b vaccines. The survey is a preliminary measure to get us prepared for when more vaccines become available.

We have seen a great deal of interest in vaccine availability and are doing our best to keep the community informed as updates are provided and plans are made. Your participation in the survey will help immensely as we plan to meet the need here in Sanders County. An online version of the survey is available now on our website. We are looking at alternative options for those without online access.

Please watch our webpage and social media sites for more Covid-19 and vaccination updates. We will also continue to share information with our local press.

Please remember this is occurring as we continue to deal with a high county infection rate leading to a lot of questions for the Covid-19 Nurse Hotline to help individuals decide if they should seek care. That is the reason the hotline is in place. It can help us assure that the clinics and emergency room are being used for the most appropriate care and we can further limit exposure to county residents. Please use the hotline for its intended purpose.

We have started a much anticipated time in this pandemic with hope that life will soon return to a more normal routine. A lot of work and patience is still needed during which we need to remember "the basics"; masks, social distancing, wash hands, and stay home if sick. We at CVFH will continue to do our part, and we ask that you each do the same.

Gregory S. Hanson, MD


Clark Fork Valley Hospital

CFVH Covid-19 Vaccination Interest Survey

The purpose of this survey is to accumulate a list of eligible Sanders County, Montana residents who are ready to get their Covid-19 vaccine when it becomes available for Phase 1b and 1c distribution. We hope that by identifying those wanting to get the vaccine, it will help us secure the correct amount of dosages as well as streamline our scheduling process to alleviate the number of scheduling inquiries received by our Family Medicine Network offices. Click the button below to learn more and/or complete the survey.

Family Medicine Network

Healthcare across Sanders County

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