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CFVH Presence at This Year's Sanders County Fair

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

After cancellation of the 2020 Sanders County Fair due to the significant risk of Covid-19 transmission the annual event is set to occur again the week. Clark Fork Valley Hospital has been a regular participant for many years. One of the ways we support the fair is by maintaining an on-site booth. We use this as an opportunity to supply a private area for breastfeeding mothers, pass out balloons for children, hand out sunscreen, keep visitors hydrated with cold water, and provide information about various hospital services and offerings. We enjoy the opportunity to interact with our friends and neighbors in a social setting, where they are not stressed about a health concern.

Unfortunately, we will not have our traditional presence at this year’s fair. As we contemplated our participation we foresaw a likely rise in active Covid cases that would require all our efforts here at the hospital. Being able to care for the health care needs of those that come to our doors is always our highest priority. To be assured that we can meet that goal we could not ask our staff to add additional tasks to their workload. Our staff’s work has been more difficult during the pandemic, even during the slowest times. They have served Sanders County well, but there are limits to what we can say yes to, and we did not feel we could add the fair to the list.

We will miss this opportunity to be part of the largest community event in Sanders County. We hope that it is a safe and enjoyable time for all who participate. I must say we are concerned about the potential for the fair to be a “super spreader” event at a time that Covid infection rates are dramatically increasing, so please do your part to stay safe.

Gregory S. Hanson, MD


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