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CFVH dresses in demin for charity

Sunday, March 1, 2009

by Matt Unrau

The Clark Fork Valley Hospital has just hit a milestone in fundraising. They have raised $15,000 for local charities around Sanders County through their Blue Jean Program. The program has transformed a simple concept like casual Friday into an opportunity to give something back to their community. The program raises money by charging their employees five dollars for wearing jeans on Friday and showing their participation in the program by wearing a sticker.

One staff member who wished to remain anonymous says it’s an easy and fun way to help out the community. "I like being able to give something back, and wearing jeans to work is great fun."

The program started in October 2005 and just reached the monetary milestone last month.

The program donates to over 20 charities from Plains, Thompson Falls, Hot Springs and Noxon. Among these charities are CADAA, otherwise known as Citizens Against Drugs and Alcohol Abuse. This charity is responsible for the new skate park that is going up in the E.L. Johnson Memorial Pool Park in Plains. Another program is the Sheriff Large Animal Fund/TRACS. TRACS, the Thompson Rivers Animal Care Shelter, whose goal is to provide shelter for the lost, homeless, neglected and abused animals around Sanders County.

Several health-related and emergency-related charities also have received donations from this program. This includes: Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc., Life Care Network of Sanders County, Pennies for Patients "Leukemia & Lymphoma Society," Plains ER Rescue, Relay for Life and Sanders Co. Search & Rescue.

This is not the finish line for the program by any means, but as it has already been chugging along for the last four years CFVH hopes to run this program well into the future.

"We hope, through the staff generosity, to be able to continue this program for the long term," says Russell Logan, Executive Assistant, Customer Service Representative for the Hospital.

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