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Baby Boom

Thursday, August 21, 2014

by Sanders County Ledger

Is winter boredom a factor in, well, baby making?

Patient Care Services Nursing Manager, Danita Grossberg, RN, at Clark Fork Valley Hospital said, with tongue in cheek, that could be a factor.

In any case she said it was difficult to explain why most of the babies born at Clark Fork Valley Hospital come in the first seven months of the year.

That could change this year as the hospital appears headed for a record number of deliveries.

As of August 5, they have handled 30 deliveries, five more than last year and nearly more than all years except 2009 when the hospital handled 48 deliveries.

Grossberg said current OB records, for established patients, suggest the hospital should see 12 more deliveries this year, for a projected total of 42, six fewer than the record.

"But we just don't know," she said. "There could be more out there that just haven't been entered into the system."

She said the hospital has been promoting obstetrical services more over the past few years and has updated the birthing suites at the hospital to provide a pampering environment for mothers and babies. "We now offer post partum massages for new mothers, and more pampering" she said. "It's now real cushy for them and the fact that they have the same nurse and doctor while in labor is a huge plus for moms."

The hospital has three dedicated OB care providers, Dr. Greg Hanson, Dr. Jeannne Williams and Dr. Ronald Black. "That has helped too," said Grossberg.

When the hospital completed a major new construction project in 2005, they created a birthing center especially for new mothers. The rooms have private bathrooms with jacuzzi tubs to aid in mom's comfort. Since then the rooms have been redecorated and upgraded again.

In addition to the birthing services the hospital offers free prenatal classes for expectant moms.

Grossberg said the birthing services at the hospital are an important part of what they provide in Sanders County and feel it's a vital service for the communities. "Having the ability to provide quality professional care in a warm, caring environment close to home is important to the birth celebration," she said. "We're proud to be able to help get new families a good start."

She can speak with authority to the hospital's OB care program. "I recently had both of my boys delivered at Clark Fork Valley Hospital and wouldn't go anywhere else, it was an amazing experience both times," said Grossberg.

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