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Sponsorship Request

The Clark Fork Valley Hospital sponsorship program emphasizes building long-term partnerships by supporting a select number of events and activities that add value to the lives of our customers and co-workers throughout the year.

Sponsorship Philosophy

Organizations are encouraged to submit sponsorship applications to Clark Fork Valley Hospital at any time throughout the year. The hospital will also proactively seek partnerships with appropriate potential strategic partners. Applications will be evaluated against established sponsorship criteria and be considered in relation to Clark Fork Valley Hospital’s existing commitments. All sponsorships are subject to annual review and evaluation. Before submitting an application, all applicants are encouraged to review the sponsorship application evaluation process and criteria.

Evaluation Process

Applications are received by the Clark Fork Valley Hospital Customer Relations Department.

The Customer Relations Department reviews the request based on the sponsorship evaluation criteria to determine the fit between the proposal and Clark Fork Valley Hospital’s mission, vision and values. Additional considerations for review will include: geographic location, scope, and subject matter of the request.

To be considered for a sponsorship, applicants must first submit a Clark Fork Valley Hospital sponsorship application. Applications will be available online.

Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. The requesting organization will hear from Clark Fork Valley Hospital within two weeks of receipt of the inquiry to let the applicant know if the application proposal will be reviewed further. If there is a need for additional information, Customer Relations staff will contact the organization directly.

Applicants should submit an application 3 months prior to the sponsored event. Proposals submitted with insufficient lead time for review and process regrettably will be declined.

Sponsorship Evaluation Criteria

Sponsorship proposals are evaluated against 6 general criteria. These criteria have been developed to ensure that Clark Fork Valley Hospital establishes sponsorship relationships that will mutually benefit the hospital and the receiving organization.

Proposals are evaluated for:

  • Tangible benefits associated with the partnership
  • Positive exposure for CFVH that enhances our ability to project our mission, vision and values
  • Ability to enhance CFVH's position to customers
  • Ability to reach and build relationships with targeted audiences
  • Potential for long-term sustainable partnerships or relationships
  • Large benefit reach—has impact on a larger number of people rather than an individual or small group

Eligible activities

Examples of activities that meet the evaluation criteria:

  • Privately funded sports organizations
  • School-affiliated/related activities
  • Health-related events/organizations (Relay For Life, CADAA)
  • Civic activities (Skunk Alley Run, Sanders County Fair, 4-H)
  • Local benefit organizations (Sanders County Art Council)

Ineligible activities

The following types of activities do not meet the criteria we've set for our sponsorship program:

  • Requests that benefit an individual person or family
  • Religious activities, in whole or in part, for the purpose of furthering a specific religious doctrine
  • Travel expenses*
  • General operating expenses*
  • Political candidates or organizations
  • Memorials or endowments*

*Generally, these types of activities and requests will not be considered. However, special and specific instances may be granted with the approval of the Clark Fork Valley Hospital CEO.

Sponsorship Awarding Criteria

  • Cash awards. Cash awards will be awarded to chosen applicants in an amount no more than $200.
  • In-kind donations. In-kind donations will be made to chosen applicants in an amount no more than $250/year unless approved by the CEO. This does not include donations of surplus equipment.
  • Ongoing sponsorships. Ongoing sponsorships are annual renewals that will be budgeted and established on an annual basis. Consequently, their amounts may be larger than general cash awards or in-kind donations.

Sponsorship Application

Please download the sponsorship application and return to:

Clark Fork Valley Hospital
Attn: CFVH Community Relations Department
PO Box 768
10 Kruger Road
Plains, MT 59859

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