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CFVH Providers Urge Co-Workers to get Vaccinated

Dear CFVH Employees,

We are currently experiencing a resurgence of COVID-19 infections. Over the last week or two, we have cared for an increased number of patients who are very ill with COVID-19. Many are younger and previously healthy. It is clear that COVID-19 is here.

We care deeply about our co-workers, friends, family, patients, and community. Most of the severe infections we are seeing are in unvaccinated individuals. In Montana, those who are unvaccinated have been 43 times more likely to require hospitalization and 16 times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those who are fully vaccinated.

Ninety-seven percent of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in Montana have been unvaccinated.

We have now had time to observe the effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. We believe that the benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks. Thus far, vaccination is the most effective way to reduce your chances of becoming very ill with COVID-19.

If you are not yet vaccinated, we strongly urge you to consider being vaccinated.

We have been through a lot together over the past 18 months. We value each of you and your contributions. Over the next several months, we expect that we will need to maintain our strength and health to best serve our community and loved ones. Please consider vaccination at this time, if you have not already done so.

Jessica Valentine, MD, CFVH Chief of Staff

Ronald Black, MD

John Drye, MD

Gregory Hanson, MD, President/CEO

Nicholas Lawyer, PA-C

Erik Nevatt, MD

Jennifer Strine, PA-C

Jeanne Williams, MD, PhD


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