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CEO Covid-19 Update to Staff - 9/20/21

CFVH Staff,

I want to take just a couple minutes of your time to update you on actions we took late Friday afternoon related to our current escalation of Covid-19 activity. Some of you are already aware.

Late Friday we were faced with 15 patients in the hospital with the likelihood of only 1 being discharged over the weekend, a busy ER with multiple Covid patients being evaluated, and the ongoing problem of extreme difficulty finding places to transfer patients. Anticipating that reaching a crises point over the weekend was highly probable we took the following actions:

  • I approved the outpatient treatment of an individual that had no payment source except to be treated as an inpatient
  • We cancelled todays elective surgery cases
  • 3 of our old acute care beds were brought in from storage and placed in the surgery preop bays to be used for overflow admissions
  • We created the “covid unit” that we have had planned since the pandemic started. The end of acute care is walled off. This creates a “grey” area that staff can move about between rooms boarding covid patients and somewhat simplifying their care and lessoning staff time demands.
  • We are still completing emergent/urgent surgical cases as indicated, and we are still able to perform c-sections

A couple patients made unexpected dramatic improvements and were able to be discharged this weekend freeing those beds for other use. We currently have 12 patients, 9 of which are afflicted with covid.

We were fortunate that the pace set for admissions last week did not carry through the weekend, but I believe the correct decisions were made. We have all the cancelled OR cases rescheduled and will assure that patients are cared for.

I am proud of those involved in making all the changes happen late Friday (nursing, facilities, housekeeping) , and those who worked in the environment this weekend. It is just one more demonstration of our teams commitment to caring for our community.

Gregory S. Hanson, MD

Family Medicine Network

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