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C19 Testing for Travel - CFVH Employees and Immediate Household members only

CFVH staff,

As the Covid pandemic has played out we have been through times when travel was extremely restricted, thereby limiting some of the options you have had to rejuvenate. Those restrictions have lessened dramatically, but the travel to some areas can be complicated by requirements for Covid testing. Our limited supply of PCR testing supplies has inhibited CFVH’s ability to offer elective travel testing. I know that it can be very inconvenient to obtain this testing out of the area, requiring carefully timed sample collections that may require an absence from work during otherwise regularly scheduled duties. The testing is also rather expensive.

Senior Leadership evaluated our PCR testing supplies and feel they have stabilized enough that we can make PCR testing for travel requirements available to staff and immediate household members. (We cannot yet make this available to the general community) We believe this can lighten the burden of arranging some travel plans, thereby supporting you in your efforts to stay healthy and engaged in our mission. In addition, we can assure that our workforce needs is not impacted by absence for the testing.

Again, this is an employee benefit available to employees and their immediate household members. There will be a charge of $45 to cover our direct cost. (If you have looked to obtain this test in other places you know the cost can be as high as $250) This is a PCR test which should be adequate for any travel, but it is your responsibility to assure that is the case. Results are available the same day which will also help with planning. Please understand, if supplies become a problem again we will have to withdraw the benefit to assure we have what is needed for patient care. Additional instructions will be coming in the next couple days regarding the steps to obtain the test.

Dr. Gregory Hanson

CFVH President/CEO

Employee/Immediate Household Family Member COVID-19 PCR Travel Testing Process

  1. The employee/immediate household family member will check in at the main hospital admissions desk (Monday through Friday from 7 AM - 4 PM -no appointment necessary).
  2. Admissions will give the employee/immediate household family member a COVID-19 travel testing form.
  3. The employee/immediate household family member will be asked to fill out the COVID-19 travel testing form.
  4. Admissions will register the employee/immediate household family member and order the COVID-19 PCR test.
  5. The employee/immediate household family member will pay $45.00 for the test at the time of registration.
  6. Admissions will give the completed travel form back to the employee/immediate household family member and direct them to the laboratory.
  7. The laboratory will ask for the completed travel form and collect a nasopharyngeal swab on the employee/immediate household family member.
  8. The laboratory will perform an Abbott COVID-19 ID NOW PCR test on the nasopharyngeal swab (depending on the laboratory’s patient workload, this test generally takes about 30 minutes to complete).
  9. The laboratory will give results to the employee/immediate household family member in the manner requested on the bottom of the travel testing form.

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