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Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

It's not fun being uncomfortable. Sometimes it's, well...uncomfortable. But what you cannot deny is that, in life, there is no progress, success, or achievement without some level of discomfort. You want to get into shape? You're going to be sore. (Uncomfortable!) You want to succeed in your work? You're going to have to get there early and stay late sometimes. (Uncomfortable!) You want to be the best friend/spouse/parent/nurse/physician/RT/PT/leader/astronaut/pastry chef/underwater demolition expert? You will have to have difficult conversations, take challenging classes, and give up selfish pursuits to achieve those goals. (Uncomfortable!)

Watch Video to see more on Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable by Speaker, Rich Bluni, RN.

Source: Huron Consulting Group Inc. and affiliates.

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