Below are patient testimonials from Clark Fork Valley Hospital. To view each full testimonial, please click on the "Read More" link provided for each testimonial.

Aquatic Physical Therapy

" I have a great disability due to 79 years of age, a spinal injury, osteoperosis and spinal stenosis.  I received eight rehabilitation treatments in the hydrotherapy pool at Clark Fork Valley Hospital and I have been amazed at the difference in my increased ability and progress after each treatment. Read More »
- Anonymous

Aquatic Physical Therapy

"After my spinal operation, I became very weak.  I could not even lift myself out of a chair without help.  My doctor recommended I do physical therapy, which I agreed to but could still barely stand on my own.  The physical therapist said I should try aquatic therapy since I was so weak. Read More »
- Anonymous

OB Services

Over 30 years ago I was brought into this world at Clark Fork Valley Hospital.  Choosing to give birth to my daughter here over a year ago was one of the best decisions I ever made and because of my experience, I will choose to give birth to my future children here as well. Read More »
- Anonymous

Hospital Services

My attending aids, nurses, specialists and doctors were the most competent and professional individuals one could ask for. Absolutely every hyper-sensitive whim I mentioned during treatment was attended to! Words along cannot describe the professional care I received. Read More »
- Anonymous

CPAP Therapy

For 20 plus years I experienced symptoms of sleep apnea before I was ever tested. After I was diagnosed, a specialist from Missoula set me up with my CPAP equipment. My ten minute appointment left me with little understanding when it came to operating and maintaining my equipment. Read More »
- Bea Dobbelaere from Plains, MT

Pulmonary Rehab Provides Motivation for Healthy Living

After suffering a pulmonary embolism in May 2013, I became completely dependent on my oxygen tank and had to use it 24/7. After seven weeks of Pulmonary Rehabilitation classes at CFVH, I am so pleased to say that I only have to use my oxygen when I nap and sleep through the night. Read More »
- Jo Moore from Thompson Falls, MT

Last Wishes and a Peaceful Passing

Earlier this year, my husband John was rushed by ambulance from our home in Paradise to Clark Fork Valley Hospital when he started experiencing a sudden onset of poor balance resulting in multiple falls. He was assessed by hospitalist, Frank Towsley, Read More »
- Charlayne Tiemens from Paradise, MT